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Thank you for your interest in supporting our region’s most vulnerable and addressing our region’s housing and homelessness crisis.

The Stepping Stone project, for the safety and respect of the residents, is a closed facility that does not allow any on-site donations, unsolicited visits, or unscheduled programming.

We ask that you consider diverting your donation to one of the many organizations supporting this facility, and its occupants.

Our suggestions for donations are:

Agape: https://agapecentre.ca/be-involved/
Centre 105: https://www.centre105.ca/
Habitat for Humanity Cornwall & The Counties: https://habitatcornwall.org/donate/
United Way Centraide SDG (monetary only): https://unitedwaysdg.com/giving/ways-to-give/

There are a number of other non-profits and charitable organizations working collaboratively to tackle our housing crisis, and care for our vulnerable individuals.

Please consider giving to one of those listed above, or any other in our region, and help us collaboratively and efficiently tackle these complex issues.

Thank you for your understanding and support.