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COVID-19 Emergency Community Support Fund through the Government of Canada

Local charities in SDG have received a boost of $536,577.10 in federal funding to help them adapt and increase frontline services for vulnerable populations during COVID-19. This funding was delivered through two rounds of funding of the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF) – a $350 million fund announced by the Government of Canada in April.

The United Way/Centraide SDG, in partnership with the Regional Emergency Response Council, reviewed numerous applications received and made the final funding recommendations based on the needs of our community. The $536,577.10 funded 32 agencies and 45 programs to help adapt their services for the most vulnerable in our community with the ongoing challenging we’re seeing with COVID-19.

Organization Funding Program/Description
Agape$5,000Hot meals TO GO – purchase take-out containers and specific food items to support the hot meals to go program
Agape$1,500Tech Medic – assist in minor repairs, updates and other problems that the foodbank users may be experiencing with their phones and allow them to remain connected to the services they depend on.
Association des Femmes Immigrantes Francophones Cornwall-SDG (AFIF) through the SDC$12,000Services aux femmes et enfants issus de l’immigration – support the school work of francophone children from immigrant families in the SDG region with online activities for women and girls, tutoring, cooking classes, arts and crafts workshops, at-home sporting challenges, story-time and other activities that will help break the isolation that many of these newcomer families are experiencing because of COVID.
Association des Femmes Immigrantes Francophones Cornwall-SDG (AFIF) through the SDC$5,000Soutien Scolaire – continue some of the work that began with the immigrant children during the summer camp program. Support them in their language and other school related learning with which they may be struggling because of online schooling, or other COVID related complications.
Autism Society of Ontario$2,500At-Home Activities Project – financial support to allow the Autism Society of Ontario translate some of the activities they would normally be doing into a virtual world.
Bereaved Families of Ontario – Cornwall and Area through the SDC$5,000Peer Grieving Programs During the Pandemic – train volunteers to begin ASAP to fill a gap in services directly related to mental health requests and grieving because of COVID.
Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Cornwall and District Inc$10,000One on One Mentoring in a Virtual World – support staff to access the necessary technology for all of the Big and Little matches; the creation of virtual platforms, events, and learning activities and supervision of the current matches; and development of virtual screening and matching of new Bigs and Littles to support children who may be adversely living the isolation.
Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Cornwall and District Inc$5,000Virtual Mentoring/In-School Mentoring – funds will ensure the successful launch of the In-School mentoring normally offered by the BBBS of Cornwall and Area in a virtual format.
Boys and Girls Club Cornwall/SDG$15,000Activity Kits and Subscription Boxes – maintain relationships with children and youth as well as provide families with valuable resources including crafts, activities, challenges, snacks and personal hygiene products.
Canadian Mental Health Association – Champlain East$55,000Community Mental Health and Addiction Services – assist clients struggling with the Mental Health side affects of COVID, or for whom COVID has impacted negatively their already vulnerable mental health, access food, transportation, PPE, technology. This will assist in access to virtual health services and enhance mental wellness.
Canadian Mental Health Association – Champlain East$42,100Stay Safe, Stay hydrated – schools in the region have closed their water fountains due to COVID, making it an expectation students will bring a reusable water bottle to school. With Mental Health crisis being on the rise in our region, including youth, we mass-produced water bottles with kid-friendly and family-centered Mental Health Resources printed on the bottles. They were distributed in October to all Kinder-gr 3 students across the 5 Boards in our region.
Canadian Mental Health Association – Champlain East$1,000Suicide Prevention For the Whole Community – At our Regional Emergency Response Council meetings, we have heard that our regional statistics for higher than average suicide rates have continued to exist during the pandemic. We are therefore investing in purchasing a license to allow multiple community partners to train their staff and volunteers in Suicide prevention.
Centre Charles-Emile-Claude$6,000My Centre without a Wall – help propel their programming into the virtual world and support the purchase of technology necessary to do so.
Centre Charles-Emile-Claude$5,000Sacs de divertissements – create bags of activities that will help keep clients occupied and stimulated. This aims to reach out to the clients who were unable to join the virtual activities that were launched from the first round of funding.
Centre de Santé Communautaire de l’Estrie$10,000Expansion des services en lien avec la COVID-19 – funds will benefit the most vulnerable CSCE clients in the SDG region, giving access to rural clients such as in the Maxville and Crysler area easier access to the Green Food Box initiative, allowing clients with Chronic illnesses better monitor their health and well-being with necessary equipment such as blood pressure machines, and assisting seniors in our region be ready for a medical emergency such as COVID by filling out and preparing a Vial of Life.
Children’s Aid Society of the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry$15,000Together At Home – offer activities for children/youth to keep them busy during the pandemic. Care packages will be created by CAS, for CAS families, and other vulnerable families identified by the Regional Emergency Relief Council, including the local Health Unit. These packages will include arts and craft supplies, outdoor games, toys, puzzles, board games, and activities to keep children busy, stimulated, and active.
Clinique Juridique Roy McMurtry Legal Clinic$12,800Increased Capacity for Legal services (housing, income security & employment) – provide legal education, assistance and representation to people living in poverty with a particular focus on employment, income security and housing legal needs that are associated with response and recovery from COVID-19.
Community Navigation of Eastern Ontario (211)$8,000Communicating the Community Navigation of Eastern Ontario (211) to the most vulnerable – conduct a postal-code specific mail-out in regions where we know demographically there are higher levels of lone-parent families, seniors and/or people living to inform them of the services provided by 211.
Conseil scolaire de district catholique de l’Est ontarien through the SDC$1,550Nourritures adaptés aux enfants en besoins en collaboration avec les écoles – a gift card to a local grocery store to give families in the school board struggling the ability to purchase food and hygiene products during the pandemic.
Eastern Ontario Training Board$10,000Newcomer Employment and Welcome Services (NEWS) – Newcomers to the SDG region will be assisted on various levels regarding their health and safety including support for employment, access to food, etc. A laptop loaning program will be put in place to allow some of the families to follow online training during their isolation period upon arriving in the region and more quickly be able to enter the workforce once that isolation period is complete.
Habitat for Humanity Seaway Valley (Cornwall & The Counties)$15,000Ensuring the survival of the Re-Store and Habitat for Humanity in our Region – The ReStore serves the greater community in many ways. However since the ReStore is open to the public, it has been necessary to provide PPE, install barriers, increase cleaning regimens and more. Paid staff time has had to increase as volunteers are unable to return and as a result of COVID. The funding will fill the gaps, protect staff and customers and ensure the survival of this program in our region.
House of Lazarus Matilda Resource Centre Inc.$6,000Housing Advocate and SDG Landlord/Roomate Registry – establish a housing advocate position within local foodbanks and create a landlord and roommate registry that will help ease the burden of finding housing during the Crisis. Many area non profits working with this vulnerable housing insecure population will be implicated in the project.
House of Lazarus Matilda Resource Centre Inc.$12,114Housing Support During the Pandemic – provide assistance to the vulnerable population that has been hardest hit during the pandemic by job loss, health issues, etc and ensure their housing stability. Assist in paying rent, hydro, etc while also welcoming them into the network of foodbanks and finding longer term solutions to the problems.
House of Lazarus Matilda Resource Centre Inc.$5,000Winter Support – funding will support both the snowsuit fund that has seen an increase in demand and a decrease in support because of COVID, as well as the Heat for the Holidays program that provides logs to homeowners in Dundas County that heat with wood stoves to cut the cost of hydro.
Inspire Community Support Services$5,000Food Hampers and gift cards for most vulnerable clients – provide food hampers to families who’s food needs exceed the offer given within the food hamper initiative because of specific needs (dietary or other) of their children. Assist families with the purchase of specific needs (clothing, medical supplies, cleaning supplies) that they cannot access during COVID for financial or safety reasons.
Inspire Community Support Services$5,000Winter Wellness Baskets and Delivery Service – provide drop-off baskets during an in-person socially distant check-in, that includes products the most vulnerable families need, and activities to help them keep their children with special needs stimulated and occupied over the pandemic.
L’Association canadienne française de l’Ontario – Stormont, Dundas et Glengarry (ACFO SDG)$15,000Services d’urgences en appui aux immigrants et immigrantes – mobilize the volunteers and the community around the most vulnerable immigrant families in the region. Provide food security, online activities and webinars and the equipment to participate in this online world.
L’Association canadienne française de l’Ontario – Stormont, Dundas et Glengarry (ACFO SDG)$5,000Expansion of Support Services for the immigrant families – a continuum of the first round of funding, but to support the hardest hit, and largest families.
Maison Baldwin House$15,000Support Packages for Discharging Clients – COVID restrictions in general and specifically within the shelter, coupled with an increase in need for mental health support and a decrease in donations has made it nearly impossible to adequately support all of the women and their family that need access to the shelter and assistance in relocalization. These funds will be used to support the women to get the support necessary to get back on their two feet.
Maison Baldwin House$7,500Subvention additionnelle au logement – support women, victims of violence, be able to leave their abuser and have access to a place to live and necessary items during a period when lodging is difficult in the centres because of COVID restrictions.
Mohawk Council of Akwesasne$20,000Safe Return to the Classroom For All – AMBE (Akwesasne Mohawk Board of Eductation) procured the basic PPE necessary to open their schools.
Optimist Club of Cornwall through the SDC$85,000Essential Needs Assistance Program (Food Hampers) – Individuals, families, and seniors identified through the collaboration of the members of the Regional Emergency Response Council as well as through referrals through 211 obtained to access an emergency hamper of food that was delivered to the home.
Seaway Seniors Club$5,000Leisure Kit Program During COVID-19 – support for a program that fills the gaps regarding the seniors who were unable to join the virtual programming funded earlier this year.
Seaway Seniors Club$6,000New Curbside service, phone/video conference contacts with clients – provide online programming for the regular clients of the programs to assist in curbing loneliness and isolation and ensure the well-being of the seniors.
Seaway Valley Community Health Centre (SVCHC)$6,136Urgent Supplies for Clients During COVID-19 – supply SVCHC clients with the items needed to do the monitoring and maintenance of some of their health checks within the comfort of their own home.
Sexual Assault Support Services for women of SDG&A (SASS)$20,000Sexual Assault Counselor: rise in demand following COVID – a part-time staff to provide counseling to survivors of sexual violence in response to COVID 19 as we anticipate an influx of new clients.
Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area (SDC)$5,000Emergency last resort fund – Through our close partnership with 211 we have identified a very small amount of the population who are not currently being serviced by programs and who’s needs are not being met and created a referral line for these difficult to service clients. This line will be monitored by a joint venture amongst the RERC members and these funds will allow the members of the RERC to spend money in a crisis situation to which none of the community members have the capacity to act at this time.
Société Alzheimer Society of Cornwall & District$7,000Activation Kits – provide activation and stimulation to persons living with Alzheimer/Dementia. The Kits include personalized activities (such as cards, puzzles, colouring books, board games). As well as educational resources for caregivers (such as links to helpful videos and education pamphlets).
The Hub for Beyond 21 Foundation (Beyond 21)$4,120Re-Opening Social Inclusion and Learning Program – assist Beyond 21 in the costs related to bringing back small groups to an in-person environment. Cover costs related to cleaning, sanitizing and PPE.
The Hub for Beyond 21 Foundation (Beyond 21)$4,500Social Inclusion and Learning for adults with Developmental challenges – launched programming online to reach out and support vulnerable clients and their families who are suffering as they continue to be the sole caregiver for these high needs individuals
United Way/Centraide SDG$40,000Masks for All – UWC SDG bulk-purchased masks. Local community agencies were invited to request masks to distribute to their clients, and masks were also distributed to the community through the use of the City of Cornwall Pop-up Shops and the delivery of masks to the Rural Municipal offices.
United Way/Centraide SDG$757.10Plexiglass for UW office – Allow the UWC SDG to safely reopen their office to clients seeking support for their OESP and LEAP applications
Vista Centre Brain Injury Services$5,000Transportation to programming during COVID – safe transportation to medical appointments and to be able to participate in the Vista Centre groups has become complicated for these clients, many of which are medically fragile. This money will ensure they can take safe transportation and remain active and healthy during the pandemic
York Centre Supervised Access Centre$5,000Centre York Centre Supervised Access Centre PPE project – provide the PPE and new resources and equipment necessary to ensure the children can still see their parents in person at our centre. Plan was reviewed by the EOHU.
York Centre Supervised Access Centre$5,000Safe Exchanges for families in crisis during a crisis – provide financial support necessary for the sanitizing, cleaning and PPE necessary to keep the York Centre open and operating for families that haven’t seen their children for long periods of time because of COVID.