2022 Funding Application

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The United Way invests in programs that have a wide range of impact. These programs support thousands of local residents, helping them when they need it the most.

Deadline to apply is Monday, March 28 at 1 p.m. EST

Join our Information Session on March 4

To answer any questions you have about the application and process for this year, Executive Director Juliette Labossière will be hosting a session on March 4 at 10am that is open to all community charities and organizations that are interested in applying.

Topic: UWC SDG Allocations Information Session

Time: Mar 4, 2022 10:00 AM Montreal


Meeting ID: 845 0416 6178

Passcode: 638081

Investing in SDGCA

Funding is disbursed to programs in our region that fit within our three community impact areas:

1. Helping Kids Be All They Can Be
2. Building Strong and Healthy Communities
3. Moving People From Poverty to Possibility

Funding Criteria

Community financial support from UWC SDG:

  • Will fit with the funding priorities, based upon demonstrated community needs.
  • Will be primarily in support of specific defined programs.
  • Will be applied only to meeting operating expenses of the defined program.
  • Will be based on the availability of financial resources and the availability of other funding sources for the Agency.


Through an annual review process by volunteers who participate in our Allocation Committee, UWC SDG allocates funding for specific programs. This year the review process will occur in April and can include interviews (in person or virtually) of your organization with members of our Committee.

Community volunteers, members of our Board of Directors and UWC SDG staff ensure accountability through a thoughtful review process. Agencies submit applications and the committee makes funding recommendations to the UWC SDG Board of Directors. This process ensures that community resources are well invested, avoiding duplication and redundancy.

This collaborative approach supports strong service networks that help people when they need it most. UWC SDG collaborates with frontline agencies, government funders and people with lived experience, identifying gaps, challenges and opportunities, facilitating coordination of services to avoid duplication. Please ensure you are well versed on the work of the Vibrant Communities so as to better understand the current needs and service gaps when identifying how the program you seek to have funded best meets the needs of the community.