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We improve lives locally

For a community to be great, it has to be great for everyone. We work with local agencies, local businesses, community leaders, government—and people like you to change lives right here in Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry.

Your donation helps improve lives right here in SDG—it ensures important services are available to kids, families, and individuals when and where they need them the most. When you invest in United Way, you are investing in community-wide programs and long-term planning initiatives that improve lives and create lasting social change in our community.

We understand the local needs

We make measurable improvement on priority social issues in our community. A dollar to the United Way of SDG is spent in a collaborative process that allows us to oversee spending and ensure we are sharing costs, sharing expertise and building together the community we call home

The United Way of SDG currently supports 16 local agencies and 20 community programs that fall under our three pillars:

Helping kids be all they can be

Giving children and youth the support they need to get a great start in life, do well in school, and reach their full potential.

Moving people from poverty to possibility

Helping to meet the basic needs of our communities most vulnerable people, giving every Canadian the opportunity to realize a better future,

Build strong and healthy communities

Creating vibrant neighbourhoods, where everyone experiences a sense of belonging and connection to one another