United Way SDG & City of Cornwall Unveil Winter Housing Plan

Published on November 11, 2023

Yesterday, the City of Cornwall and United Way SDG announced that the former Parisien Manor will provide housing to residents living in encampments and/or on the homelessness waitlist (By-Name List) during the winter months.

The initiative, named the Stepping Stone Project, on the day of announcement had already moved in 6 residents.

Read the full announcement and FAQ’s: https://www.cornwall.ca/Modules/News/

How you can support

The Stepping Stone project, for the safety and respect of the residents, is a closed facility that does not allow any on-site donations, unsolicited visits, or unscheduled programming. We ask that you consider diverting your donation to one of the many organizations supporting this facility, and its occupants.

If you are hoping to donate food, furniture, laundry detergent, hygiene products, clothing, money or other items, we suggest donating to:

Agape: https://agapecentre.ca/be-involved/
Centre 105: https://www.centre105.ca/
Habitat for Humanity Cornwall & The Counties: https://habitatcornwall.org/donate/
United Way Centraide SDG (monetary only): https://unitedwaysdg.com/giving/ways-to-give/

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