100 Reasons to Run

November 2nd 2019

Local HERO, Steve Mellios reached out to the United Way/Centraide of S.D.& G. with the purpose of running at 100km run to support children and youth of our community.

“My goal is to  inspire children and adults to chase their dreams and push towards becoming the person they want to be it will give me a chance to do my part in changing the world and helping people.” ~ Steve Mellios

All money raised will stay in S.D.& G. to help under the United Way/Centraide pillar:


  • Boys and Girls Club of Cornwall/SDG
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cornwall & District
  • Équipe psycho-sociale
  • GIAG Youth Programs – Alexandria & Winchester
  • Upper Canada Leger Centre for Education & Training

The run will take place November 2nd 2019, Steve’s route will take him through S.D.& G. and Cornwall.

Help raise awareness for local youth by supporting 100 REASONS to RUN.

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