2022/23 at a Glance

Published on September 01, 2023

We feel it too. Everyday life is getting unaffordable and too many people in Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry, Cornwall and Akwesasne are having to make significant sacrifices to makes ends meet.

While we’re seeing our communities come together like never before with more collaboration, more generosity of time and money, and more government investments in the social sector, affording basic needs still continues to get harder for so many people living in our communities.

Why is the speed at which people are faced with financial uncertainty getting faster every day?

Why do more than 40% of people who live and work in Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry, Cornwall and Akwesasne make less than what’s calculated as a living wage (the minimum required to survive)?

Why are 1 in 7 households in East Ontario currently food insecure?

Why has the reliance on our local foodbanks and food programs more than doubled in the past year?

Why can’t a large portion of people who work full time afford to pay rent or buy a home in their own city?

Why are the waiting lists getting longer and longer for our mental health and addiction services?

To get to the root of the current affordability crisis, we must step back and understand the causes that are pushing more people into financial jeopardy

Our role

One organization, business and government alone cannot solve the complex social issues that are currently challenging our community: poverty, mental health, hunger, employment, and homelessness. All of these are deeply layered and connected.

We bring people together and build connections.

We are not tackling poverty from one angle. We’re making the necessary connections and investments to address these issues not only by helping people who are currently falling into financial precarity, but also by working on long-term solutions with people, organizations, and businesses across all sectors. We’re mobilizing and strengthening our purpose with renewed compassion and understanding to truly transform our region.

We work as a catalyst and coordinator with organizations

We provide training and support for volunteers and agencies in our community

We raise awareness about social issues and needs in our community

We fundraise to invest in a range of health and social services for residents of our region

Our Focus Areas

The United Way Centraide SDG create lasting social change in our community through three focus areas:

All That Kids
Can Be

Ensure children and youth are valued and supported members of the community with opportunities and resources to help them reach their fullest potential.

From Poverty to Possibility

Help people engage in their community by supporting those who lack basic necessities, investing in training programs, and working towards helping people get ahead in life.

Healthy People, Strong Communities

Improve opportunities to access programs and supports that empower people to overcome barriers, build resilience, reduce isolation and be part of a caring, inclusive community.

2022-2023 by the Numbers

With your generous support in 2022/23, $672,873.92 was invested into Cornwall, Akwesasne, Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry.

Individuals were impacted from our investments in 18 local programs across Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry, Cornwall and Akwesasne.

Individuals received financial support with oustanding bills, rent/mortgage arrests, and first and last month’s rent from the Last Resort Fund.

Individuals experiencing energy proverty were supported by the Low Energy Assistance Program and the Ontario Elerticity Support Program.

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